"National Guild of Découpeurs-Découpage Artists Worldwide since 1970"

The National Guild of Découpeurs (NGD) was founded in 1970 as a non-profit organization dedicated to providing education in the art of découpage, to encouraging a high level of quality, and to offering an exchange of creative ideas and a Annual Convention and Exhibition. NGD is now a prestigious worldwide Guild. As growth develops, regional chapters are formed where members can join together to hold workshops and learn the many techniques of découpage. Inspiration, creativity and knowledge are generated, leading the découpage artist into new horizons and lasting relationships. In 2008 we added to National Guild of Découpeurs the name Découpage Artists Worldwide as subtitle to better reflect our growing international membership.

Hall of fame

We all have our teachers and mentors, who inspired us through the years. These Artists contributed to the Guild’s greatness and continue to inspire young découpeurs with their teaching and experience, and their marvellous works.




Traditional and Contemporary Découpage

Découpage, a French word, refers to the technique of composing a work of art by applying meticulously cut pieces from printed paper to an object. The pieces are carefully arranged into a design, glued into place and finished with many coats of laquer or varnish, with intermittent sanding until the cut-outs can no longer be felt.

Today innovative techniques, styles and products have a great impact on the world of découpage. The traditional technique has been evolved in many different ways which enable an enriched variation in our découpage. The Guild embraces those artists involved in contemporary découpage, although the basis of Guild’s education is Traditional


Coming Conventions & Meetings

logo_teliko_web1st European Convention of our Guild-
Traditional Découpage in the 21st Century
20-24 May 2015
Athens, Greece


Please download the newsletter of our Convention to find the schedule of the demo, workshops and master classes we organised for you!

For more information pleace contact
Caterina Koukoulitsa
Executive Director

1st European Convention Guild-2015

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