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Certification-Judging Program

The Judging Program provides an opportunity for Guild’s members to submit work to be judged for Certification.


To take part in the judging program of the Guild there are certain guidelines that one needs to follow to ensure that your pieces meet the requirements.

Judging Criteria

Within the Guild members can enter a judging program to help them learn various techniques and to improve the quality of their workmanship. As the Guild holds a very high standard members work through levels of difficulty until they achieve the prestigious accolade of Mastercraftsman.
As for all things worth while doing it is a road fraught with some difficulty but the pride and satisfaction of a job well done, with every successful result, is priceless.
There are three classifications and each classification has five categories for the découpeur to complete before moving onto the next.


  • Under Varnish
  • Under Glass
  • Repoussé
  • Elevation
  • On Mirror


  • Under Varnish on other than wood
  • Mother-of-Pearl or Gold Leaf
  • Illuminating
  • On Fabric
  • Small Furniture or Screen


  • Creative Cutting
  • Vue d’Optique
  • Under Curved Glass
  • On a Screen
  • On Furniture