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Suggested Literature

Hiram Manning - Manning on Decoupage

When Hiram Manning discovered in a French chateau the lost art of decoupage he became a life-long disciple and articulate evangelist of this ancient craft. In this chatty, anecdotal and inspiring book Manning attempts to take the reader on a step-by-step journey towards making a treasured heirloom from humble craft materials.

Durwin Rice - New Decoupage

Durwin Rice takes a fresh look at decoupage, demonstrating how to creatively transform your environment using just a few simple materials. Lavishly illustrated with nearly 200 full color photographs.

Holly Boswell: The Decoupage Book

A mix between traditional decoupage and collage offering 60 decorative projects. Many Guild members are featured with incidental instructional text. Professionals and amateurs alike will be able to render beautiful painted finishes using the proven techniques in this book. Step-by-step instructions and over 500 full-color photographs show how to achieve exquisite effects. Over 55 glazing, marbling, and graining techniques are presented, each complete with a list of tools and materials.

I. B. Marx, Allen Marx & Robert Marx: A guide to professional paintings

Professional Painted Finishes: A Guide to the Art and Business of Decorative Painting

Rubena Grigg: Antique Style: 35 Step by step Period Decorating Ideas

By Rubena Grigg, this book takes the reader through 35 step-by-step period decorating ideas, many using decoupage techniques.

Susan Joy Sager: Selling Your Crafts

This book details how to sell your crafts with up-to-date information in easy-to-understand format. She thoroughly covers hot topics such as price structure, handling tamzn-crt.gif (3607 bytes)rademarks and copyright, finding sales reps, getting into craft fairs, selling through galleries and on the Internet.

Lyn Cochrane: The Fine Art of Decoupage

A new book by NGD member Lyn Cochrane “The Fine Art of Decoupage”. An exciting book for beginners and and experts alike. Don’t miss it.

Rhonda Rainey: Decorating With Paper & Paint

Decorating with Paper and Paint” by Rhonda Rainey. Many innovative and fun projects using everything but the kitchen sink.

Audrey Raymond: Traditional Decoupage

Out of print

The following suggested titles are out of print but you may be able to find them through Amazon’s book search service:

18th Century Decoupage – The Definitive Guide by Val Lade
Decoupage – Paper Cutouts for Decoration and Pleasure by Dee Davis
Decoupage by Leslie Linsley
Contemporary Decoupage by Thelma R. Newman