Åsa Segersten


My name is Åsa Segersten. I’m a “paperholic” and decoupage addict. I live in a house built 1950, located in a small village 20 km from Linköping, Sweden, with my “better half” Jonas. In the summer of 2011 I discovered découpage, and my life changed forever. I have never been involved in anything arts/crafts related before, but got hooked instantly and irreversible.

The first time I ever saw “the real deal” découpage was when stumbling across DAW’s web site sometime around February/ March 2012. The amazingly beautiful and perfectly finished works of art displayed there took my breath away. I decided to join, hoping that the membership might perhaps give me some opportunities to learn about découpage. That is probably the best decision I have ever made! I have not only learnt a lot already, DAW has also given me very dear friends who I value more than I can express.

I spend all my spare time working with this exciting hobby, trying to learn to do classic decoupage with really good finish. But I also still love to experiment and play with different textures, materials and ideas. As a beginner in the world of arts and crafts I constantly find out about wonderful “toys” I couldn’t even dream existed before– products, materials, techniques – and it makes me feel like a little kid in a big sweet shop: I WANT TO TRY ALL OF IT!!!!

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