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Cheryl Neethling

South Africa

Sixteen years ago I took the plunge and decided to make my hobby my source of income. I opened my home studio and soon built up a group of students. From there I did not look back. I was asked to join the South African Guild of Découpeurs and very soon I was totally involved with a craft that I thought I knew about because I had been doing it for a long while. I soon found out that it is an art form that is extremely interesting with many facets. It takes years of dedication and perseverance to achieve the standard of work acceptable to be called a master. Out of the fifteen projects needed to achieve this status I have successfully completed fourteen. One more and I will join the exclusive group of people who can call themselves Master Craftsman.

My work has been published in craft magazines and other publications. I have written a book on decoupage and am the president of the South African Guild of Découpeurs. I am also currently the Editor of The Dialogue which is the magazine published by the Découpage Artists Worldwide National Guild.

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