Karen Snyder


I can’t remember a time when I haven’t been interested in some form of art. My deep love of nature, developed during my childhood on a west Texas ranch, has inspired most of my work. As a teenager, I won several awards for my paintings, and I had two drawings published in national magazines, all featuring animals and landscapes.

During my career as an accountant, I turned to découpage as a form of weekend relaxation. About 25 years ago I stumbled across a magazine article that featured instructions for découpage under glass. It looked so simple that I jumped in and created a pile of plates within a few days. Little did I know that I was igniting a passion that has fueled my creativity ever since. Unfortunately, this form of découpage wasn’t quite as simple as it looked, and I continue to experiment and hone my skills in the endless pursuit of the “perfect” glass piece. If I ever develop a method that eliminates bubbles and shiny places 100 percent of the time, I’ll feel as if I’ve made a significant contribution to the découpage community! I also enjoy découpage under varnish, but under-glass projects will always be my favorite artistic pastime.

Except for occasionally exhibiting my work in art and craft shows and receiving plate commissions through word of mouth, I’ve never established a business. The pile of plates in my closet continues to grow taller and taller simply because I love to make them. After reading New Découpage by Durwin Rice, I attended several of his workshops, which were tremendously helpful in expanding my skills. I’ve also received recognition for my work in several découpage competitions.

In 2007 I married an old friend from the same small west Texas town where I attended school, and I retired from the corporate world a year later. We now travel extensively, and the rest of the time I lead a fulfilling creative life in a small suburb of Dallas. Designing, cutting and gluing découpage pieces and taking care of our two dogs all add up to my idea of a perfect day.

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