Lois Jenkins

Dec. 15, 1920 – Apr. 29, 2009

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A brief memory of Lois from her dear friend MJ Toole:

Lois taught decoupage in her home for many years. She joined the NGD very early in its inception. She brought all of her skills to the Guild, especially her beautiful smooth finishes. She taught us a lot about our Art. She told me that she would go into stores and look at beautiful things and then go home and figure out how to do them using decoupage. She was so very creative. Her father was an artist and she inherited many of her talents from him. And, she was so very willing to share with others all that she had learned about our Art. She taught at almost every Convention the NGD had. She and I chaired one in Columbus, Ohio where many découpeurs from around the world assembled.

Lois Jankins' works

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