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Tribute to Margo Tuell

Margo Tuell... dear Margo... she was a very special person. She was a fine, quiet woman, very laid-back, who was my treasured friend. She was a wife and mother to two daughters. Her husband was a pharmacist and owned a drugstore in Flagstone, Arizona.

I met Margo at the National Guild of Découpeurs Convention in Hilton Head, South Caroline in (date I’ll have to look up), and we have been friends ever since. When the Convention was here in Wooster, Ohio, Margo was a guest in my home.

Margo was a faithful Guild member. She held office quite a few times...she was President twice and executed her office with good judgment and integrity. Margo’s artwork in decoupage was very beautiful. She attempted and completed many projects, including large pieces of furniture. Her coloring was so very beautiful and the designs were lovely.

Margo was a quiet person with a low voice and a laugh that had melody to it.

She was loved by many, especially me. Goodbye, dear friend. I miss you.

M.J. Toole

Margo Tuell's works