Furniture Screens

Cho Moon Sook: Artdeco Folding Screen

Cho Moon Sook: Writing Desk

Hajime Helen Ando: Decoupaged Chair

Hajime Helen Ando: Decoupaged Table With Eggshell

Hajime Helen Ando: Rocking Chair

Heo Hyun Soo: Decoupage On Antique Furniture

Heo Hyun Soo: Decoupage On Cabinet

Heo Hyun Soo: Decoupage On Cabinet

Janet Clark: Fireplace Screen

Joh Sun Kyung: Wine Cabinet

Kathy Joyce: Mucha Screen

Kim Hyun Ju: Floral Cabinet

Leslie Linden: Decoupaged Table

Manuela Lombardi: Windscreen Panel

Margo Tuell: Decoupaged Bench

Margo Tuell: Decoupaged Desk

Margo Tuell Fireplace Screen

Margo Tuell: Round Flower Table

Merri Ukraincik: Scroll Desk

Natalia Nevskaya

Ooba Masako

Park Jung Sun: German Style Desk

Patti Elhoff Tea Time Table

Roy Larking: Fire Screen

Sato Emiko

Suzy Barbor: Floor Screen

Tish Berrentine: Bronzini Lucrezia Table

Youko: Oriental Screen

Yuriko Minamikawa: Coaster Board Wall Decor

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