Under Glass

Hajime Helen Ando: Wa-fu (Japanese Style) Plate

Hajime Helen Ando: Wine Glass Candles

Hajime Helen Ando: Wine Glass Votive

Karen Snyder: Elephant Plate

Karen Snyder: Floral Bowl with Bee

Karen Snyder: Imari Style Plate

Karen Snyder: Nasturtium Tray

Karen Snyder: Winged Beauties

Kathy Joyce

Kathy Joyce: Coral Garden Vase

Kathy Joyce: Tiffany Angel Plate

Kathy Joyce: Under Sea Bowl

Kathy Joyce: Yellow Submarine Vase

Lara Murphy

Leslie Linden: Wings and Petal Bowl

Margo Tuell: Apothecary Jar

Margo Tuell: Bird and Flower Glass Box

Margo Tuell: Sympathy Message on a Plaque

Pattie Elhoff

Patti Elhoff Roses and Sweet Music Coasters

Sallie Peterson: Decoupage Under Glass Bowl 2004 Star Award

Suzy Barbor: Decoupage Under Varnish Cloche

Tish Barrentine: Decoupaged Plate

Tish Barrentine: Decoupaged Plate

Yutaka Ando: Decoupage Under Glass Plate

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